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First time Eli saw Airplanes ….

My sisters hobby ( it was also mine before I moved to the USA, was flying gliders  ) had to be explored by Eli:)and he had so much fun seeing all the Airplanes. So so so many buttons to push, must be Heaven for a boy. I can not wait until Eli is old enough to fly in one of the Gliders. <3

Let me open my wings
I want to fly high
To feel the warm air,
To kiss the sky.

I want to sing in the trumpet of winds,
and dance with the crew of clouds.

From above i can see the heaven below
Asking me to come and explore its beauty
Letting me all its assets,
Giving me its pure love,
without any return.
I feel myself blessed from above,
To have life in this beautiful world
Having nature as my mother

and protected in her beautiful arms.




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Clean eating … Risotto is always a good Idea.

I know, I know. It seems like a very hard recipe but IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!! It is yummy and simple, like all the meals I will post on here ( per your requests ) from now on.

What you need:

- one cup Risotto Rice

- half a gallon veggie stock ( you can buy that in any grocery store )

- one BIG onion

- 3 cups of spinach

- salt and pepper


Put the diced onions ( with olive oil or coconut oil ) into your pot and let them caramelize with a pinch of salt and sugar.

Add Rice and stir, so it can soak up all the flavor.

Add veggie stock … ( not all of it, just so it covers the rice )

Risotto is meant to be WATCHED AND STIRRED;)

Keep adding stock …. keep adding stock … keep adding stock …. until the Risotto is al dente …

Add spinach and add more seasoning to taste.




If you want it extra good, add some Parmesan;)


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